Dominique Vandal

Body Confidence

Coach for Coaches & Online Entrepreneurs

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Dominique Vandal

Body Confidence

Coach for Coaches & Online

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Body Ideals can be utterly devastating.


Society constantly bombards you with the message that to be successful, taken seriously or have a place on the stage, your body must look, feel and perform a certain way.

It's exhausting!

It's unattainable!

Countless talented women like you grapple with body image issues they've inherited because of these body ideals!


The bad news is that for you, as a life coach, it affects your bottom line and your impact!


How do I know my Body Image Issues are having an effect on my coaching career? 


If you find yourself avoiding publics speaking, networking events, or an online presence due to body image issues, it's time to acknowledge their mark on your career, impact and income.


As a driven life coache, you're destined to make a significant impact through your vision, message, and offerings.


Don't let the struggles with your body define your success as a coach. It's time to break free from body image constraints and step into your power.








Hi, I'm Dom! 


I am a Master Certified Life Coach and Feminine Embodiment Life Coach, who specializes in helping women like you to overcome body image struggles, allowing you to step into your power and excel as a life coach.

With a wealth of personal experience and professional expertise, I am your ultimate ally in dismantling body images issues and unlocking your full potential as a life coach.

Body Confidence is only 3 steps away! 


Step 1: Book a call. 


Step 2: Make it count. Learn the foundations of a body image reset, discover what works for you and we'll transform how you see and experience your body.


Step 3: Unlock your FULL potential as a life coach! Be visible, share your vision with the world, and be Body Confident on the public stage!



Book my call now!

You too can:

  • Overcome body image issues and imposter syndrome
  • Boost your self-promotion, public speaking, and online presence skills
  • Build stronger professional networks and seize more valuable opportunities
  • Embrace your unique gifts and talents, making a positive impact on the world as a life coach
* Even dance in the streets of Austin

Choose the Path to YOUR Success

Body Confidence


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  • Reveals your unknown strengths
  • Sustainable practices 
  • Emphasis on reshaping your body image, not your body

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  • Personalized & Holistic Approach; tailored to YOUR needs and goals 
  • Empowerment & Skill Development; cultivate your capacity to be seen
  • Supportive & Nurturing Environment; safe, non-judgmental space just for you 



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  • Set yourself up for
    quick wins
  • Easily applicable tips, tricks and tools

Please enjoy my FREE resources below: 


If you are fed up of treating your body like a never-ending improvement project but don't quite know where or how to start, look no further, this podcast is for you.


Let this be your first step towards being at peace with your body so you too can access the full spectrum of life's pleasures again.

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