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Dominique Vandal

Body Image Coach & Mentor

Body Ideals are the worst!

You are constantly told that the only way you can ever be ok with your body is if it looks a certain way, feels a certain way, performs a certain way.

It's so ingrained in us that we waste time, money and energy trying to make our bodies look and feel better. When it doesn't work, we feel discouraged and disappointed which leads us to opt out of events and situations because we ain't got the right body for it.

In essence we're trying to solve the wrong problems and not ever getting to a place of having true pleasure and fun in and with our bodies. 








I help women be at peace with the body they have now so they can access the pleasures of life again

I know what it's like to stay behind when everyone wants to go to the beach because my body isn't beach-ready.


I've stayed out of the family photos and internally cringed when looking at the few photos I did allow of myself. Talk about feeling small and inadequate! I'd then try the newest, better-for-you way of eating and exercising, always getting mean with myself and my body when I couldn't stick with it until I'd give up entirely.

You're doing all the work to get the family together and have a good time but you block yourself just short of having the full experience of it. Same happens when you work super hard towards a goal at work but then you don't step into the limelight to receive the recognition, again, just short of celebrating YOU.

You spend all of your time painstakingly working towards something and then miss out on the exhilarating part. You don't enjoy the ride and you certainly don't reap the reward! 

 "Working with Dom was so refreshing!

She is calm and thoughtful in her approach - always hearing me out and asking permission before we dove into each technique. She has such a beautiful way of using embodiment practices to guide you to your own answers in a safe space.
After working with Dom I have a quieter inner critic who understands it’s okay to do things differently than the ways I was taught. I learned how to interrupt old patterns that were running on default and look at the roles in my life in a new and powerful way.
If you’re looking to slow down and embrace more of who you are and what you want in life, I definitely recommend working with Dom!" - Melissa
"Since working together, I have a deeper self-acceptance and patience for what is natural for me, more confidence.
My favorite part about working with Dominique is the way the interactions flow. I truly felt understood in what I was saying and in what I was trying to express. The embodiment aspect was never forced in our sessions but instead adapted to me and my comfort level while bringing it in gently through different openings.
There wasn’t a week that passed where I thought “bah, I don’t really feel like going to the session” or even a moment when I didn’t want to do the work. I was confident that I was on the right path, having made the right choice, picked the right person and process for me." - Benedicte V.

You can be at peace with your body and however else it changes in the future!


Step 1: Book a call. We'll see which program is best to suit your needs.


Step 2: Make it count. Whether in the one-on-one program or the group program, you'll learn the foundations of a body image reset, discover what works for you and we'll transform how you see and experience your body.


Step 3: Be at peace with your body! Get in the pictures, go on the stages, experience the pleasures of being in your body!



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SELF guided, the podcast for REAL self-empowerment. It’s everything that’s helped me and my clients get off the addictive cycle of finding a “flaw” within yourself to “fix” and instead, step into radical self-acceptance because we were never broken.
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