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Are you tired of body image issues holding you back from your full potential?


Frustrated with imposter syndrome, overwhelmed by self-doubt, and discouraged by the constant self-criticism that prevent you from sharing your vision, your message, and your offer with those who need it most?

It's not your fault. Many talented women like you struggle with body image issues, which can limit career growth, visibility, and confidence.

How do you know if it's really affecting your impact?

You might have identified these in yourself:


Imposter syndrome, causing you to doubt your abilities and feel undeserving of your success.

Reluctance to self-promote, limiting your visibility in your industry, missing out on potential clients and collaborations.

Avoiding public speaking and presentations, the fear of being judged is too great so you stay hidden, reducing your exposure to peers, collaborators, and clients.

Diminished or non-existent online presence, limiting your visibility and thought leadership in the digital world.

Limited participation in industry events, preventing you from engaging in essential career-boosting opportunities because you think no one will take you seriously or look at you as the authority and so you stay home.

Reduced productivity, your constant self-criticism is distracting you from doing work that matters and that will help you meet your goals.

Limited career growth, you shy away from taking risks, pursuing new opportunities, or advocating for yourself, keeping you from reaching your full potential.








I'm here to help life coaches and online entrepreneurs remove body image issues that keep them from doing the marketing for their business.

Don't Let Body Image Issues Limit Your Success


Imagine if you could break free from this cycle and overcome these challenges with a comprehensive coaching program tailored to your specific needs. A program that not only addresses your body image issues but also empowers you to embrace self-love, develop confidence, and master the skills necessary to excel in your personal and professional life.


Now you can—introducing the life-changing Private Coaching Program “From Hiding to Thriving: Body Confidence for Life Coaches Ready to Soar" specifically designed for women coaches and online entrepreneurs just like you.


I'm so ready!

From Hiding to Thriving: Body Confidence for Life Coaches Ready to Soar


Imagine yourself as a confident, empowered life coach, free from body image issues and ready to take on new challenges. 

This is how you make the impact & income you've always wanted!


From Hiding to Thriving:
Body Confidence for Life Coaches Ready to Soar


A 4-Phase transformative journey designed to help you conquer your body image issues and unlock your full potential.


I’ll coach and guide you through the following stages:

  1.  Embracing Self-Awareness: We'll help you identify the root causes of your body image issues, uncover limiting beliefs and self-sabotaging patterns, and build self-awareness and self-compassion.
  2.  Cultivating Self-Love: You'll develop a positive relationship with your body, implement daily self-care practices, and embrace self-love and acceptance.
  3.  Strengthening Personal Power: Overcome imposter syndrome, enhance your self-esteem and confidence, and learn effective self-promotion techniques.
  4.  Unleashing Your Radiance: Master the art of public speaking and presentations, boost your presence and visibility (in-person and online), and expand collaboration, networking, and career growth opportunities.


The “From Hiding to Thriving: Body Confidence for Life Coaches Ready to Soar" program offers a unique, holistic approach to overcoming body image issues, focusing on mindset, embodiment, and emotional well-being. With a compassionate, experienced coach guiding you every step of the way, you'll experience unparalleled support and transformation.

 "Working with Dom was so refreshing!

She is calm and thoughtful in her approach - always hearing me out and asking permission before we dove into each technique. She has such a beautiful way of using embodiment practices to guide you to your own answers in a safe space.
After working with Dom I have a quieter inner critic who understands it’s okay to do things differently than the ways I was taught. I learned how to interrupt old patterns that were running on default and look at the roles in my life in a new and powerful way.
If you’re looking to slow down and embrace more of who you are and what you want in life, I definitely recommend working with Dom!" - Melissa
"Since working together, I have a deeper self-acceptance and patience for what is natural for me, more confidence.
My favorite part about working with Dominique is the way the interactions flow. I truly felt understood in what I was saying and in what I was trying to express. The embodiment aspect was never forced in our sessions but instead adapted to me and my comfort level while bringing it in gently through different openings.
There wasn’t a week that passed where I thought “bah, I don’t really feel like going to the session” or even a moment when I didn’t want to do the work. I was confident that I was on the right path, having made the right choice, picked the right person and process for me." - Benedicte V.

It's the program for you to:


  • Overcome body image issues and imposter syndrome
  • Develop self-love, self-esteem, and confidence
  • Bring your self-promotion, public speaking, and online presence up a few notches
  • Boost professional networking and seize valuable opportunities for collaboration and growth
  • Experience increased productivity and motivation
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