About Me

Trained as a Mindset Coach, I knew my thoughts created my results, but I was still living my life on the sidelines. You see, the self coaching framework became another tool I could use to judge myself against instead of being the awareness tool it’s meant to be.

Enter, the Enneagram. When I learned I was a ONE, I read everything I could on the topic. It’s like someone had been in my head my entire life! You mean, other people don’t have a relentless inner critic? All this time, I thought I was being discerning and on to myself.

Nope!!! Knowing I’m a One helps me to recognize the survival mechanisms my brain has in place so I can address them. It showed me the walls I didn’t see for walls.

With embodiment, I recognized that my mental body is very active and maybe it’s time to turn on the rest of me. After all, I’m not just a brain in a body. A more complete picture is one that takes into account my mental body, my emotional body, my physical body and my energetic body.


Feminine Embodiment Coaching


An integrated approach for for REAL self-empowerment



SELF guided, the podcast for REAL self-empowerment. It’s everything that’s helped me and my clients get off the addictive cycle of finding a “flaw” within yourself to “fix” and instead, step into radical self-acceptance because we were never broken.
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