Day Interrupted

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The Enneagram One Project

How often does your day’s plans change because of outside circumstances? If you live with other people, interact with other people or are not in charge of the whether, then my guess is - a ton! Here are my 3 Steps to getting grounded when my day has been interrupted.


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Welcome every One, you are listening to The Enneagram One Project Podcast, Ep 24 - Day Interrupted


Today, the day I’m supposed to write and record this podcast, the Universe had another plan in mind. I could be frustrated and annoyed but instead, I’m taking it as a sign that I’m to write something entirely different from what I had in mind originally because all I can think about is how my day’s plans have been tossed in the air without my having any say in the matter.


This is fascinating to me because if I step back, I can absolutely see that I still have options and I can still choose how to approach my day but my brain’s default was to go to the land of woe is me, the place where all I see are the things I won’t be able to do today. Does that sound familiar to any of you?


It’s a mixture of many learned societal habits, one being attributing my felt experience in the moment to the situation at hand, another being that situations dictate what I’m not able to or not able to do and another being to accept my role as mother and primary parent as though it takes choices out of the equation.


Here’s what’s going on in our home. Kid is sick, not terribly sick, the kind of sick that pre-covid, I’d have sent him to school, no questions asked but now kid is sick, he has to stay home and so do any siblings. If you read between the lines, this means that they are home while I work today. If you’ve been following along, you might remember that they are 8 and 10 and in our home, that means, they’ll likely spend the day playing, gaming, watching some things, etc, we’ll enjoy our meals together, we’ll have some snuggle time but let’s be real, I can 100 % do some work in between checking in on kids and even while being available to them should anything happen.


Knowing this intellectually, did not stop my brain from doing mental gymnastics this morning trying to figure out how I could possibly handle this situation. This is so funny to me because I’ve become a fan of the unplanned, I can roll with it but I want to be honest with you, it’s just not always the case. With that in mind, I thought it would be more interesting for you if I walked you through how I was able to go from feeling concerned, disappointed, annoyed and a hint of resentment to writing what I think is a really useful podcast episode for you all and basically going with the situation as opposed to forcing against the situation. 


The first step for me is always awareness. If I’m not aware of what my brain is doing, I can’t feel into it, I can’t make embodied decisions. So how do I become more aware, in the very moment? There are a few methods I’ve developed over the years all of them are around getting to know your own cues. 


In my case, that can be noticing my elevating heart-rate as I speak about it to someone else, it can be noticing myself as I start to take part in some of my avoidance techniques, it can even be noticing that 30 minutes has passed and I’m still staring at the supposed problem without any solution. One of the biggest ones for me is that I start to blame the situation for everything and I give it so much power, to the point where I disempower myself.


If I am not totally caught up in my headspace, I am more likely to notice my body’s signals instead. That looks like noticing what I consider to be resentment or maybe I even make my resentment sound. Do you ever catch yourself grunted or rolling your eyes, that’s what I do.


Notice, I am giving you examples that can come from your thinking, your feelings, your actions and even the outcome of what you’ve been doing for the last 30 minutes.


Take a moment here and consider for yourself, what are some of your signals that you are disempowering yourself? 


Once I’m aware, then I can tap into my body, I can insource, what’s really true for me in this moment. So today, I took an extra tea break, took some deep breaths, enjoying the aroma and because I’ve been doing this work for some time, the moment I followed the qualities of my  in-breath, it opened up something within myself where I was settled and knew instantly that today had way more potential than I had considered at first.


Other times, that could have been me picking up a few items in the kitchen, not as a distraction, but as a way to create space between me and the situation, clear my brain fog, and see what solutions magically appear to me. I say magical because I swear half the time I don’t know where they come from but they’re exactly what is needed.


I’ve also meditated, gone for walks, danced, been very still, it doesn’t always look the same and you’ll find your own way by experimenting. This is basically where you want to use one of the other parts of you to support you because your brain and the default thoughts, society’s conditioning is what’s holding you hostage so you want to use the other practices found in the pillars of embodiment to move that energy.


Consider for yourself what pillars of embodiment you’d like to play with here, breath, movement, sound? It’s really up to you.


Ok so I’ve become aware of my disempowerment, I’ve insourced and now I can make an embodied decision.


Today, I chose to prioritize the items I already had on my calendar because today was the kind of day where I would benefit from doing that but other times, I might just release expectations and see how I can really enjoy what just disrupted my plan. So that’s how the podcast was still created today but I won’t lie, lots of items I had deemed important when I planned my day pre-kid staying home sick, no longer seemed important so took them off my calendar or moved to another day.


You may have noticed already that this is a shorter episode and that’s quite deliberate. I know I can make any choice I want even with the situation I am in. I am deliberately making the choice to keep this short and to the point so that I can spend most of my day with my kiddos and make the most out of today with them, because honestly, a huge part of the reason I do the work that I do is to be with them as I wish to be, whenever I want.


3 steps, become aware that you’ve given your power away to the situation, create space to go within and make an embodied decision.


If you found this episode helpful and know someone who would enjoy it, make sure to share it with them.


Until next time, love to each and every One!

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