Your Enneagram Type Is A Superpower

podcast Jan 12, 2022
The Enneagram One Project

In today’s episode, I explore why to use the Enneagram typology system. 


A lot of folks use their Enneagram type to box themselves in “I can’t do this because I’m a One”. I say that’s hogwash! 


I had 3 realizations when I started knowing and learning about the Enneagram and more particularly, my own type. 


One, it’s like having my very own limiting beliefs coach in my pocket at all times:


I imagine a coach in my corner with a big neon sign saying remember these are the limiting beliefs you hold as truth - don’t fall for them! 


Two, it can be used to skyrocket your self acceptance:


Using your knowledge of your type helps you to understand your brain and the driving motivator behind actions - understanding leads to faster self acceptance


Three, I notice and move past mind made obstacles much much faster than I ever have:


If you know your inner critic is likely to come up during your presentation, you can plan for that, you can support yourself ahead of time - magic!


When I combine my always accessible limiting beliefs coach, deeper self acceptance and my ability to predict and adjust I am unstoppable 🪄


Knowing your Enneagram type is a superpower.


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Welcome every One, you are listening to The Enneagram One Project Podcast, episode 1 - Why knowing your Enneagram is a superpower


Dom here, I’m so glad you’re here with me.


Before we get on with today’s episode I’d like to introduce myself a little for anyone who hasn’t met me before.


I have an obsession with tea, I absolutely love it, I like all kinds and nothing delights me more than to have a cup of tea with loved ones, enjoying each other’s company while in good conversation.


The external sense I am most sensitive to is sound. I respond to sounds from an internal visceral place and know exactly what will uplift my mood or help me to express and release emotions.


I am someone who’s always been into self development in some way or other and my journey into life coaching officially started in 2018 when I binged listened to the podcast that changed everything for me. I say official start but I’m not entirely sure that one ever starts this journey or if we’re always on it. I jumped on the very next cohort at the coaching school and never looked back.


That is enough about me for now. Let’s get right to the show.


On today’s episode, we’re exploring Why knowing your Enneagram is a superpower or simply put, why to use the enneagram and how we can use the enneagram system to our advantage.


Your type is not a box


The enneagram itself is a typology system that helps to differentiate between personality types or archetypes. The magic is that these archetypes - the perfectionist, the helper, the achiever, the individualist, the investigator, the loyalist, the enthusiast, the challenger and the peacemaker are not differentiated by actions and non actions but by the intrinsic motivation behind the actions and sometimes non action taken.


I’m obviously biased and a huge fan of the Enneagram because I know how liberated I felt after discovering it and more specifically after identifying my type. What I’m not a fan of is what I’ve noticed in the enneagram community and Facebook groups where so much of the dialogue is around the issues of each type and I’m not here for that. Like at all. I think my Oneness is great, even an asset. Which is why we’re looking at what knowing your Enneagram type can do FOR you, how you can utilize it and not box yourself in within the type.


Boxing yourself in as a Ones would look like believing that you can’t help but get upset when someone does a task differently than how you asked them to. Basically using the typical characteristics of a One as a crutch in your life to hold yourself back or as an explanation for why you can’t move past resentment.


The reason why knowing your Enneagram type is a superpower really comes down to the 3 realizations I had when learning more about Ones. I’ll go into each one in more depth but let me first tell you what they are in a nutshell.


One, it’s like having my very own limiting beliefs coach in my pocket at all times. Two, it can be used to skyrocket your self acceptance which leads to the third realization and that is that I notice and move past mind made obstacles much much faster than I ever have. 


Ok so let’s look at each of the reasons for using the enneagram.


Reason #1: pocket coach


My first appreciation of the enneagram system is that it’s like having a limiting beliefs coach in my pocket at all times. I’m a certified life coach and I’m skilled and practiced at uncovering limiting beliefs that my clients are holding as truths. 


Limiting beliefs are thoughts we’ve thought so many times that they feel true to us even though they hold us back from creating the outcomes we want in our lives. That can be “I’m not good at math”, or “there’s a right way to do things”. So when you do this self exploration without the help of a coach, using whatever your self inquiry modality of choice is, that’s a form of self-coaching. 


As a coach I am a strong believer in self-coaching as a form of mental hygiene and self care. The main obstacle one faces when self-coaching is that of being the brain that’s trying to coach the brain that is holding onto the beliefs. Can you see how that would make it so much harder than when someone else is coaching you? It’s like trying to give yourself a massage, yes it does help but there’s not enough space between you as the person giving the massage and you as the person receiving the massage for the full benefits of relaxation to be felt. 


Knowing your enneagram type it’s like there’s a coach in your pocket with a big neon sign saying remember these are the limiting beliefs you hold as truth. In the case of Ones, we don’t just think they are fact but we also think our beliefs are a sort of moral compass. I keep that neon sign handy so I can call out the limiting beliefs. It has totally up-leveled the way I self coach. The new depth in my self coaching has led to more self-awareness which is the main way I choose to use the Enneagram.


That’s part of why knowing your Enneagram type can skyrocket your self acceptance. I became a life coach in 2019 and I have to say I learned so much about how the brain operates. Understanding the mechanics provided a sense of relief I had never experienced before. And for a while, that was good enough until I realized I would judge myself in every bit of self realization I had whether it was from being coached by someone else and then I’d beat up on myself for not being more evolved, advanced, etc or in my own self-coaching, same thing.


I was, in essence, using the tools I was learning against myself. Does that sound familiar to any of you? 


Reason #2: deeper self acceptance


Knowing my Enneagram type as well as my instinctual drive has helped me to see what the motivations of the inner critic are for me and it can do that for you as well. The instincts theory is another level of the Enneagram typology that is really useful because it helps you better understand the intrinsic need your brain sees as being threatened in any given situation. When your brain perceives a threat to your person, that activates a survival mechanism sequence. In short, survival mechanisms are created in early childhood as your brain programs itself for what works to keep you alive and what doesn’t.


The funny thing about what your brain thinks is a threat is that is can be any situation, it can be in preparation for going on an interview, going on a date, even going to the doctor for a routine check-up or taking a different route to a familiar place. There’s no set of appropriate situations for the brain to consider threatening and it’s completely individual.


I’ve always lived with a strong inner judge and I thought everyone else did too. Yes, most people have an inner judge but Ones have a relentless inner judge. It is the most constant and consistent internal dialogue we have. We even believe it’s protecting us and making us into the best versions of ourselves. Once you know that it’s a programming that was created in early childhood to keep you safe, it’s easier to have compassion for it and accept wherever you are now in your journey. I can accept that, in fact, I can celebrate that.


Reason #3: use it to YOUR advantage


The third reason why using the Enneagram can be a superpower is because knowing your Enneagram type shows the beliefs your brain is operating from and you can start predicting when it’s going to activate that survival mechanism and use it as a way to support yourself and create the life you want. That is everything. 


I can predict when my brain is likely to go into survival mode just by looking at my plans for the day cause I’m great at planning and then being the planner that I am I can adjust and work with my brain by planning for some embodiment tools to use when that system is activated. I can create tools and techniques to support myself so that my brain helps in my endeavours. 


I do this all the time now. I give myself extra time before certain tasks in the day so that my brain can have a freak out which I allow the rest of my body to fully express and then I can return to the task with a brain that no longer thinks it’s under threat. That’s how I can try new things, receive feedback and have the capacity to decide on purpose what my emotional state is going to be with whatever situation I face in a day.


(To recap, knowing your Enneagram type is a superpower because it shows you the limiting beliefs you’d sidestep otherwise, it provides information that shows you why you have those beliefs in the first place which helps to accept where you are now and it gives you an unfair advantage so that you can know ahead of time when you’ll need a little extra help in your day so you can plan for that)


Whereas in the past I’d have listened to my brain that claimed “Dom, you need to know absolutely everything about the enneagram, embodiment and the mind before launching a podcast” as a fact, as a moral compass to guide me, I can see it as a limiting belief, I can have self acceptance for the brain that thinks this is helpful to me and I can move past this mind made obstacle much much faster and bring you this podcast which I am certain will help so many of you.


Know your Enneagram type, and make it your superpower.


Join me for the next episode where I introduce embodiment for Ones!


Love to each and every One!

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