When you accept YOUR body

You gain access to life's pleasures

Have you been staying on the sidelines of your life because you’re not done working on your body yet?
  • Doing everything you can to not be in the photos
  • Saying "no" to events because you can’t stomach finding something to wear
  • Sitting down when what you wish you could do is sing & dance  
It does not have to be this way!


  • You can stop the fight with your body & be in the group photos with a genuine goofy smile
  • You can accept your body as it is & go to every event you desire with pep in your step
  • You can feel more at ease in your body, be present & unlock new physical pleasure possibilities 
No more treating your body like a project, no more following the RIGHT food recommendations, adhering to the RIGHT fitness routine, or singing all the RIGHT body positive mantras.

Feeling good and alive in the body you are in is your birthright, come claim it!



Next one: February 9th, 6pm ET

  • One topic at a time
  • Set yourself up for
    quick wins
  • Easily applicable tips,
    tricks and tools



Next one starts: Feb 16th

  • Anchor the Body Image Reset Foundations
  • Deeper coaching &
  • 6 Intimate group calls & in-between Slack support


$3 200


  • Customized Body
    Image Reset
  • Deeper, longer lasting
    identity shift
  • Focused on YOU

Let's take up space


Let's be fully expressed


Let's be scintillating

 "Working with Dom was so refreshing!

She is calm and thoughtful in her approach - always hearing me out and asking permission before we dove into each technique. She has such a beautiful way of using embodiment practices to guide you to your own answers in a safe space.
After working with Dom I have a quieter inner critic who understands it’s okay to do things differently than the ways I was taught. I learned how to interrupt old patterns that were running on default and look at the roles in my life in a new and powerful way.
If you’re looking to slow down and embrace more of who you are and what you want in life, I definitely recommend working with Dom!" - Melissa



"Since working together, I have a deeper self-acceptance and patience for what is natural for me, more confidence.
My favorite part about working with Dominique is the way the interactions flow. I truly felt understood in what I was saying and in what I was trying to express. The embodiment aspect was never forced in our sessions but instead adapted to me and my comfort level while bringing it in gently through different openings.
There wasn’t a week that passed where I thought “bah, I don’t really feel like going to the session” or even a moment when I didn’t want to do the work. I was confident that I was on the right path, having made the right choice, picked the right person and process for me." - Benedicte V.


"Dominique has a beautiful presence that can illuminate the heart of an issue while letting clients discover their own truth embodied, felt ways. If you're seeking a Feminine Embodiment Coach to help support you navigate your way forward with more compassion & strength, I'd highly recommend working with Dominique" - Jenna Ward, Founder School of Embodied Art

One-to-One support like no other. You get a mentor, guide and coach all in one!

This is what I've been looking for!