There's no better time than right now to be SELF guided

The self-development road you’ve been on has left you feeling emptied. You thought it would finally repair what is broken inside of you, after all, that’s what it promised.
It has failed you because there was nothing to fix.
This approach has kept you addicted to the cycle of finding a “flaw” and “fixing” it. ENOUGH
There’s a light within you that holds your unique and beautiful SELF. This light carries within it not only your strength but also that of the women who have come before you. Within you is everything you need to radiate in this life. Accessing this light within is the path to REAL self-empowerment.
The path back to you reveals itself as you let go of the false identity you’ve shielded yourself with in order to be safe, be liked, be accepted.
When you return and embrace YOU then you inevitable embody radical self-acceptance.

Ready for the journey to begin?

Yes! Let's go!

There's a shift in the air, do you feel it?

We are done forcing ourselves to fit a mold

We are self-assured


We are done seeking to "fix" ourselves

We are self-honoring


We are done using tools against ourselves

We are self-guided


We are done aligning to the gurus

We are self-calibrated

We take up space


We are fully expressed


We are scintillating

One-to-One coaching like no other.

This is what I've been looking for!

You've tried countless times to implement what the online experts have told you to do to be more efficient, calmer around others, be the best partner and best parent - oh the list goes on.


That was always going to fall short because while that may have worked for them, your direction needs to come from within for it to work for YOU.


The more you focus on what's right for others and impose it on yourself, the farther away you stray from your own wisdom.





 "Working with Dom was so refreshing!
She is calm and thoughtful in her approach - always hearing me out and asking permission before we dove into each technique. She has such a beautiful way of using embodiment practices to guide you to your own answers in a safe space.
After working with Dom I have a quieter inner critic who understands it’s okay to do things differently than the ways I was taught. I learned how to interrupt old patterns that were running on default and look at the roles in my life in a new and powerful way.
If you’re looking to slow down and embrace more of who you are and what you want in life, I definitely recommend working with Dom!" - Melissa


"Since working together, I have a deeper self-acceptance and patience for what is natural for me, more confidence.
My favorite part about working with Dominique is the way the interactions flow. I truly felt understood in what I was saying and in what I was trying to express. The embodiment aspect was never forced in our sessions but instead adapted to me and my comfort level while bringing it in gently through different openings.
There wasn’t a week that passed where I thought “bah, I don’t really feel like going to the session” or even a moment when I didn’t want to do the work. I was confident that I was on the right path, having made the right choice, picked the right person and process for me." - Benedicte V.
"Dominique has a beautiful presence that can illuminate the heart of an issue while letting clients discover their own truth embodied, felt ways. If you're seeking a Feminine Embodiment Coach to help support you navigate your way forward with more compassion & strength, I'd highly recommend working with Dominique" - Jenna Ward, Founder School of Embodied Art




Hi, I’m Dom, and I’m a self-development geek who has tried to do everything the gurus said I should do to live an intentional life, hoping this would help me stop looking for direction and purpose AND surprise surprise, it wasn't ME.


I’ve integrated all of my learnings from my master certification in mindset coaching, my certification in feminine embodiment coaching and the enneagram system to create something truly unique that takes ALL of you into account.
You will not be shamed for the programming that’s already in your brain. There is nothing broken.
Let’s get to know who you are, what's correct for you instead of what the world told you you needed to be in order to be loved.
I stand for REAL self-empowerment, the kind that gets to the root of YOU, sees YOU and challenges social norms we accept over the truth of who we are in that moment.

It really gripes me when self-development geeks and enthusiasts (like myself) are constantly told that all we have to do is change our mindset, start this new habit, do this one thing everyday, be consistent at all cost, and so on, and so on, and so on.

There’s a fine line between using the tools and concepts to love yourself more deeply and using the tools and concepts to “fix” yourself.

Where is that for you?

Where do you want to stand?


I'm saying YES to more of ME!