Be the authority you seek and trust before anyone else's

Be the authority you seek and trust before anyone else's

I help Perfectionists & Ones make fierce decisions they love so they can reach their goals with ease


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You've tried every decision making framework and STILL decisions take forever for you to make.


That's because we're not computers, we are humans who worry about what happens after the decision is made.


You've read all the steps you need to take and STILL you feel unsure about the next decision you need to make to reach your goal.


That's because no amount of information can create lasting  certainty.


You've tried collecting all the data from the experts and STILL don't trust that the decision you want to make is the right one.


That's because you know they're not you and they're not in your unique position.


I have created a coaching program just for you based on my journey in
Master Coach Training. 


We will work on your next project together, whatever it is, and use it to help you be a confident decision maker. 


You will not only get the project done (yay!) but more than that, you'll be able to reach your future goals with more efficiency and less stress because your decision making is going to be on point.



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Melissa Cave


"Working with Dom was so refreshing! She is calm and thoughtful in her approach - always hearing me out and asking permission before we dove into each technique. She has such a beautiful way of using embodiment practices to guide you to your own answers in a safe space.
After working with Dom I have a quieter inner critic who understands it’s okay to do things differently than the ways I was taught. I learned how to interrupt old patterns that were running on default and look at the roles in my life in a new and powerful way.
If you’re looking to slow down and embrace more of who you are and what you want in life, I definitely recommend working with Dom!"

Before our time together is over, you will find that you:


  • Can focus on what matters when making decisions and let go of the rest

  • Have built trust and confidence in how you make decisions - even the BIG ones 

  • Are able to manage the itch that tells you you need to know more, it needs to be perfect

  • Have set yourself up to make decisions you love in all areas of your life 


I'm all in!

This 6-month coaching package is for you if you identify as a perfectionist and are:


  • Ready to embrace a new way of seeing yourself 
  • Wanting to start and complete projects
  • Willing to make value-based decisions
  • Keen to end the cycles that keep you stuck in indecision
  • Game to question your inner critic
  • Longing to hear, trust and follow your inner leadership 


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Mindset coaching + Embodiment techniques


An integrative approach for Perfectionists and Enneagram Ones